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In our database, you can find an actor not only from your own country,

but also invite talents from other countries to your film project.

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Not all of our talents are represented on the pages of our site.

If you haven't found the talent you are looking for, write us :

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or by email  lali.artis.agency@gmail.com

In that case, we will select an actor for your film project from our internal database.

About Us

"Lali Artis Acting Agency" is a global company operating in the USA, Canada, UK, European Union, Eastern Europe, Australia, New Zealand and in the CIS countries.

Whether you are a producer, film director or casting director, you can definitely find the right actor by browsing our database. It features talents from different countries, which will help you quickly resolve issues with the selection of a candidate for your project.

At the moment, in the context of a global pandemic, we are actively using remote work technologies, which allows us to adapt to the new requirements of the global film industry.

If you are an actor, professional or beginner, open the main menu item: "Information for Actors", where you will find information about the terms of cooperation with our agency and a link to the page with the rules for filling out the questionnaire. Please study the information presented there very carefully!

The actors working with us have favorable terms of cooperation, as well as the opportunity to participate in projects in almost any country in the world. All this opens up the prospects for building a career of the highest level for our talents.

An important part of our activity is the search for new actors among young people. We give them the opportunity to reveal and realize their creative potential. In our agency, young actors can get experience of participation in international projects and good filmography.

Welcome to the international company "Lali Artis Acting Agency"!


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all the agency's activities have been switched to remote operation.

The addresses specified in the contacts is now used only for receiving incoming correspondence.

We ask all our partners and clients to treat this with understanding.